We’re back again!

Mazza, Myself, Momma & Jean

My name is Stephany but you can call me “Gata”.

I’m currently in my 30s and I’m trying my hardest to work as hard as I can to accomplish my goals, dreams and aspirations. The reason I choose to reference Newark as much as I do is because I LOVE Newark. We moved there when I was in Pre-K and I’ve lived about 80% of my life there. I maybe out of the city but the city is definitely not out of me. It has shaped me as an individual. Believe it or not as big as this city is we are a tight niche community. Newarkers are all very unique because we are exposed to so many cultures and personalities. I’m sure you will see that first hand with my blog. I will try to update this as much as I can. Don’t judge me too hard.

I hope you all enjoy.

-xoxo gata