So what happened to the list ” 30 things before 30″?

I obviously failed x’s 1M on updating this blog daily. However, I would like to update you on how the list went before I turned 30; where it is after I turned 30 and finally what I am doing now?.

1. Travel to a different country.

I was fortunate enough to travel to Mexico with my friends before the big day and before COVID was even a thought. I’m happy I turned before 2020 that’s for sure.

2. Become more committed in my relationship. (Post 30)

In quite a weird twist of fate my relationship was not in a positive place around this time. It took COVID to bring me and my partner closer together and I’m very grateful for that time.

3. Start saving and reach 5K. (Post 30)

We as in (Me, Myself & I) did not meet this goal either, however in my early 30’s I definitely started becoming more financially savvy.

As of May 2022 I have paid off all my debts and I can say I have no car loan as it is paid in full.

4. Take a risk: Go bungee jumping or skydiving or swim with sharks.

I have not done this yet and not because I don’t intend to. I just need someone crazy enough to do it with me. “Fingers crossed we beat this goal before I have kids”

5. Invest more in the stock market.

I definitely did start before I turned 30 but it was pennies. I can happily say I have a 401K and I have over 5K in my portfolio.

Next I’m going to start investing in Indexes (shhhhh don’t tell anyone)

6. Volunteer in Newark.

I am so mad at myself for not doing this but I promise I will.

7. Stop holding grudges.

I did do this before I turned with a person I was really mad at. She was my best friend and it hurt me when she dead’d (I don’t think this is a word) me. It was worth it at the end. She focused more on herself, lost weight. She got into a long term relationship with the man that is now her fiancé and the father of her children.

8. Start a collection.

I have a collections of Beauty Products it consumes the left front corner of my room

9. Take a cross-country road trip.

Hmmm so I pseudo took a cross country trip. Me and my partner drove from South Carolina to New York. So maybe vertically and not horizontally lol.

10. Pay off your credit card debt. (Post 30)

WOOOHOOOO I did that B*tch this month

11. Go see live music you love.

I most certainly have done that before and post.

12. Thoroughly read several books.

I can’t say I’ve “READ” certain books but I have heard several books about growth and finance.

13. Overcome a fear.(Post 30)

I overcame my fear to commitment and I think that is extremely crazy. I never wanted to get married.

14. Get a tattoo.

This has not been accomplished but I intend on still getting this tattoo. I found great significance in it’s awareness.

15. Join a club.

I’ve joined investment clubs, I’m in Jets Fans Clubs, & I am also part of a geeky/nerd club

16. Treat yourself to something really expensive. (Post 30)

I’ve taken myself out and have bought expensive stuff for myself

17. Be the first person to apologize. (Post 30)

This sort of starting to happen but not fully

18. Run a half marathon.

I still want to achieve this haven’t got to it yet

19. Work on my overall ego/attitude.

This is really really tough, but I hope to change this one day

20. Cook for your whole family.

So I did make an appetizer for everyone in my family one holiday gathering

21. Eat really expensive food. (Post 30)

DONE . I’ve gone to Michelin restaurants before and after.

22. Pay it forward.

I’m doing this with my family overseas

23. Get healthy!

I need to do this I keep working on it but somehow I keep going back to drinking.

Not necessarily “ideal” when you’re trying to be healthy

24. Lose 40-50lbs.

I did this and then I gained all the weight back I’m trying to lose it again

25. Attend a game far away.

I saw the Nashville Preds vs Winnipeg in Nashville which was actually pretty cool they’re my alternate West team now. LOL

26. Pick a cause and be passionate about it.

This is something I intend to do, but I haven’t fully done it. I have started donating to charities more and donating more clothes.

27. See a new Broadway play.

I WANT TO SEE Macbeth (this is post 30)

I don’t remember if I saw a new play around the time I made this list but I’ve seen a few shows

28. Get a raise. 

I did I got a raise and bonus 🙂 Several times since 30 ❤

29. Become a connoisseur in something.

This I don’t believe I’ve accomplished either I do somethings well and know somethings well but not a “connoisseur”. Maybe in my next list I’ll be a little less vague.

30. And finally, make a list of 40 Things to do Before You Turn 40.

Doing that now LOL