Thought of the month

Shades of Skin.


YellowKorner, Millburn

During my lunch break I saw this amazing piece. At first glance, I thought this was hand painted. Much to my surprise, the artist is a foreign photographer and this is one of his photographs. Nonetheless, the portrait struck me immediately and halted my course.

I see a Powerful Indigenous Woman breaking through the barriers of color. She is shedding the colors to show you the empowered woman.

There is a sad reality, not only in this country but in many others around the world. Women of color experience a multitude of prejudice and hardship. They have to work ten times harder than a man to overcome the disadvantages they are predisposed to because of their background.

This is why I see this portrait in a different light than just a woman covered in paint. I understand the struggle and the fight to get recognized. The picture drew me in because of the message that popped out at me. Though, I am a woman of fair complexion, my heritage is part of my nucleus. I have indigenous ancestry from South America and I am proud of my culture .

Humanity should look far beyond colors or gender and recognize the humanity staring back.

Below is the picture without the window glare.

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