CABO San Lucas

Hello beautiful people….

About 6 months ago, I created a list of goals I would achieve this yr. I am still 110% (Yes, I am using that cliche line) committed to finishing the list by my 30th Birthday or the end of the year .

My last post was at the beginning of March-let’s just say-this crazy and very eventful roller coaster that is life didn’t take a pause. A lot has happened, a ton that I am grateful for, and a ton of lessons learned. Thanks for taking the time to read this interlude.

Now back to your scheduled program.!

  1. Visit another Country ✓

This month, I was able to complete my first bullet point on my “30 things to do before you turn 30 List.” With a group of 12 (3 of which are my cousins) we experienced an amazing trip full off activities. We rented a huge Villa with amazing views into the beach and downtown Cabo.

Day 1- We got to learn about our surrounding area (restaurants and bars). We also learned it’s difficult to fit 12 ppl into a mini van and caused the car to struggle up Pedregal’s rocky hills. Even so, this all adds to our trips memories.

Day 2- We spent it together. We worked together to make breakfast (all 12 of us). The better part of the day the ladies sun bathed, the fellas played Frisbee. By Noon, the house chef came and threw down the house. He gave us “THE TACO PARTY” anyone that considers themselves a food lover could ever hope for. By the end of it we were all in full comfort food mode. People couldn’t reach benches or the couches fast enough. We ended the evening partying it up in the Night Life of Cabo. (IT WAS LIT!) PS. We absolutely ended the night with more Taco’s from a mom and pop shop on the way.

Day 3- Was spent leisurely since all 12 of us signed up for a Sunset Boat Ride where we traveled through the famous Rocks of the Coast. We were picked up a tad bit late from the company Cabo San Lucas Tours but they did not let us down. We started the trip with a Free Tequila tasting, ending with Mezcal (which was strong!) They later took us towards the boat and they gave us the Sunset they promised. The Boat had an Open Bar and aside for the wind chill it was fun.

The famous rock formations in Cabo San Lucas on the Sunset Boat Tour.

Day 4- Our last real day was truly eventful. Starting off with a 8 am pick up to our ATV adventure in the desert of Mexico.

Riding Dirty

Our guides from Wild Canyon Adventures really helped us acclimate to the shifting. It was my first time shifting an ATV, I’m used to my automatic Jeep. The tour took us through the desert, by the beach 20 mins away and had us cross the long bridge you see above. 4 Hours after our 9:40 am start we were on our way back to the downtown area. Four of us that took the tour were so hungry we asked the driver to drop us off anywhere to catch a bite. With our luck we met up with some of the group and made our way back to the Villa.

4 Hours later, we all got ready for a luxury meal in the Michelin Star- Sunset MonaLisa .

That’s all of us (all 12). We enjoyed 3 amazing courses with intermittent palette cleansers . And as Yusuf our gracious planner says…

“Only the Finest” lol.

As the meal carried on, we noticed fireworks shooting into the sky. We didn’t expect it but in 3 separate areas of the city Fireworks shot up, giving us a night to truly remember. Since seating was on the rooftop we were able to enjoy both the show and the amazing sunset. We ended the night with a show of our own at the foot of our table as if we planned it all. It was truly the finest and the least expected surprise.


Thanks for being part of my check list.

Think and Grow Rich

This book has changed my life.

I’m sure you hear this all the time. Well on my journey to make this my most successful year to date I stumbled across this book.

Since reading this book I have implemented several rituals daily such as reading myself goals daily, making assertions and visualizing my success. This may sound cheesy but I feel my confidence growing daily. I can close my eyes right now and transport my mind to the next chapter.

I’m currently lazor focused on building a brand and a business. I have used all my resources from money, to the network of people I know, to my immediate family. My brother tells me all the time “Somehow you make the impossible happen.” I choose to avoid limiting beliefs. We are our own worst enemies sometimes.

This book has reassured, restructured and molded my current ideals. I am very excited for this next year.

I recommend if you can get a chance READ it ASAP.

2/21/19 Update

Where have I been the last month?

This is the question of the month because my life has done a 180 Degree turn. I told you guys when I first opened the blog, I am very determined in achieving all my goals this year. By the way “this project” is definitely not a “new year, new me” kind of thing. In reality it’s more like “almost 30 wake the f*ck up kind of thing.” Back on track I made the initiative to get healthier by focusing on my mental, emotional & physical well-being.

Welcome to the New Year!

This is my first post EVER!


About 6 six days ago we started the New Year and like the general population I made a list of things I want to accomplish this year. As I was putting together my goals for this year, I realized I’m currently 29 and in 7 months and 16 days I’m turning 30.

Yes! (THE BIG 3-0)

Well that got me thinking “Have I accomplished / taken advantage of my 20s?” I wasn’t quite sure. So I started looking/researching online and came across many lists from buzzfeed, cosmo, etc about things to do before you turn 30. I decided to challenge myself and complete a list of 30 things before I turn 30 based off the following list. ( see link below)

It is a quite ambitious and wide ranged list but this is one of the many goals I set for myself this year and I intend to complete the list either by my birthday or the End of the Year.

This list will be slightly tweaked. (see my next post)