Think and Grow Rich

This book has changed my life.

I’m sure you hear this all the time. Well on my journey to make this my most successful year to date I stumbled across this book.

Since reading this book I have implemented several rituals daily such as reading myself goals daily, making assertions and visualizing my success. This may sound cheesy but I feel my confidence growing daily. I can close my eyes right now and transport my mind to the next chapter.

I’m currently lazor focused on building a brand and a business. I have used all my resources from money, to the network of people I know, to my immediate family. My brother tells me all the time “Somehow you make the impossible happen.” I choose to avoid limiting beliefs. We are our own worst enemies sometimes.

This book has reassured, restructured and molded my current ideals. I am very excited for this next year.

I recommend if you can get a chance READ it ASAP.

2/21/19 Update

Where have I been the last month?

This is the question of the month because my life has done a 180 Degree turn. I told you guys when I first opened the blog, I am very determined in achieving all my goals this year. By the way “this project” is definitely not a “new year, new me” kind of thing. In reality it’s more like “almost 30 wake the f*ck up kind of thing.” Back on track I made the initiative to get healthier by focusing on my mental, emotional & physical well-being.


First let's start off by defining the word. 
/əˈwernəs/ knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

About a week ago, I found out my boyfriend’s mother was very ill and she was admitted to the hospital. Little did we know, what looked like a minor infection turned out to be a very serious situation. I won’t get into any personal details because that is not my place nor would I like to disclose that information.

However, the purpose of mentioning the situation is to bring light to a problem I constantly see; we aren’t self-aware. People forget to take care of their bodies and unfortunately, we are not Wolverine (from the X-men) who can by mutation regenerate his immune system.

If you live in the Tri-State Area of NY, you are constantly on the go. Here, we all want to make money, and eventually retire. However, should that mean we sacrifice our health/sanity? If we’re not taking care of ourselves, will we even make it to retirement? These are real questions we have to ask ourselves.

Take this narrative and apply it in your life. Whether you are male/female/trans make sure you are taking the necessary measures to look after your health.

Speak to your physician & schedule your check up today.