Treat Yo’self !

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today’s post is about treating yourself or yo’self (as I like to say). But by the means you can afford. I don’t want you to break the bank either.

This weekend my brother and I took my mom to a day spa in Ramsey, NJ called The Fountain Spa. We bought her a spa package for Christmas.

Let me give you a little history about my Momma Dukes.
She is a single mother of two. She worked about 102 hours a week between our youth till our teenage years. She had no help raising us in this big city called Newark. I took care of my brother and he took care of me. In many ways the city also raised us but that is a topic I will touch on another day.

Back on topic! Once we became young adults and could make our own money, we promised to try to make it up to my mom as much as possible. She spent her own youth basically trying to provide for us. This thought crosses our mind every time we buy something for her or our home.

Referencing my previous post “Awareness” be mindful of your yourself. Take care of yourself and sometimes treat yo’self. We can’t always send mom to spa days. We sometimes find ways to pamper her in a low budget way so if you can’t book that fancy spa (link above)

Here are some ways to pamper yourself home:

Buy a bathbomb from lush, make yourself a nice bath, light a candle & put soothing music to just take it easy for about 45 mins.

Don’t have a bath, no problem! Buy some scents at any store put them behind your ears, put some soothing music on and take a slight nap.

Don’t have money? Again no problem make your own natural exfoliant or moisturizer: Some great natural ingredients are Aloe Vera, Tea trea, cucumber, & mint.

You’ll thank me later, now go ahead and….