The tweaked list


1. Travel to a different country.

2. Become more committed in my relationship.

3. Start saving and reach 5K.

4. Take a risk: Go bungee jumping or skydiving or swim with sharks.

5. Invest more in the stock market.

6. Volunteer in Newark.

7. Stop holding grudges.

8. Start a collection.

9. Take a cross-country road trip.

10. Pay off your credit card debt.

11. Go see live music you love.

12. Thoroughly read several books.

13. Overcome a fear.

14. Get a tattoo.

15. Join a club.

16. Treat yourself to something really expensive.

17. Be the first person to apologize.

18. Run a half marathon.

19. Work on my overall ego/attitude.

20. Cook for your whole family.

21. Eat really expensive food.

22. Pay it forward.

23. Get healthy!

24. Lose 40-50lbs.

25. Attend a game far away.

26. Pick a cause and be passionate about it.

27. See a new Broadway play.

28. Get a raise. Pending, My boss said I was but nothing yet

29. Become a connoisseur in something.

30. And finally, make a list of 40 Things to do Before You Turn 40.


I’m nervous!

NOTE: Everything striken out has actually been done.